Archaeology at Portumna Castle


ACSU were appointed as archaeological consultants to the Portumna Castle conservation project in 1995 which was being conserved and partly restored by the National Monuments Service. The project included the full archaeological excavation of the castle interior and exterior on the south, east and west sides. The castle drainage system was also excavated in its entirety. Excavations took place over several seasons between 1995 and 2006. The final report on the excavations was submitted in 2009 and a full account of the excavations was published in October 2012 in Jane Fenlon's Clanricards Castle: Portumna House, Co. Galway.


A plaque built into the south porch records the death of Fury the dog in April 1797


This stone is erected to the memory of a much lamented animal who with a beauteous form possessed those qualities which are esteemed most valuable in the human species; Fidelity and Gratitude, and dying April 29th 1797 aged 11 years was interred near this place. Alas! poor Fury. She was a dog. Take her for all in all. Eye shall not look upon her like again

Fury's grave was discovered and excavated as part of the restoration work and she is now on display inside the castle itself.

For more details on the excavations carried out between 1995 and 2006 download our summary here.